Retirement In Dubai



Have you planned your retirement yet? Sun and sea all year round, great healthcare and safety, high-quality lifestyle, close distance to anywhere in the world. Sounds good, isn’t it? This is what retirement in Dubai looks like. Dubai has revealed the 5-year retirement visa that allows residents and citizens from around the world to retire in the UAE. ⁠
Here is what you need to know about UAE Retirement Visa eligibility:⁠
1. Minimum Age: You can apply once you reach 55 years of age⁠
2. Health Insurance: You must have valid medical insurance covering the UAE⁠
3. Financial Capacity: the applicant must meet ONE OF the following financial criteria:⁠
a. Property Value: to own of a property in the UAE that is not mortgaged and is worth no less than AED 2 mln OR⁠
b. Cash Savings: to have a bank deposit in the UAE of no less than AED 1 mln OR⁠
c. Minimum Income: to provide a proof that you have a monthly income of no less than AED 20K or an equivalent of other currency OR⁠
d. Combination of Property Value and Savings: to own a total value of bank deposit and property value in the UAE no less than AED 2 mln⁠
It is always best to plan your retirement. ⁠
Contact us and let us help you with that:⁠
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Source: @gulfnews

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