Create A Real Estate Empire That Will Allow You To Retire Early

The majority of people are mainly concerned with increasing their active income. This type of money can buy expensive vehicles, mansions, and designer apparel while taxing at the highest rate possible.

Yes, go back and reread the final paragraph. Active income is the most taxed of all sources of income.

Why keep concentrating all of your efforts on generating active revenue only to have Uncle Sam take such a significant chunk of it? The goal should be to earn and grow passive income until it equals or exceeds your active income, which we’ll talk about today.

We’re in a trap?

We’re trained to work and to exchange our time for money.

For the next 40 years, even high-paid professionals like doctors and lawyers will be forced to trade their time for money.

They’ve only been trained to work, earn their AED 16,000 monthly paycheck, pay roughly 40% of it in taxes, and be left with AED 9,600 in earned income each month.

You Will Still Require Active Income

To be clear, you must make active revenue to invest in generating passive income. I’ve previously stated that this is the first place to focus your attention before attempting to create passive revenue.

Your goal should be to become proficient at what you do to save more money for the future.

Perhaps your objective is to work only 4 hours each week, but that sounds tedious. The goal is to save up enough money to invest and keep investing until your passive income equals or exceeds your active income.

Why is Real Estate a Good Source of Passive Income in Dubai?


Consider how you’d like to spend your free time. If you’ve ever yearned for more time with your children or to travel the world, passive income is the way to go.

You may already know that the stock market can provide you with passive income

But keep in mind that investing in the stock market will have ups and downs.

Hold on for the ride of your life!

Secured Higher Returns | 10% For 5 Years

A Perfect Investment Opportunity in Dubai


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