Key money of AED 1,200,000

Prime hair loss and hair replacement company with a focus on quality, service, transparency, integrity, sustainability, and affordability

Established for 3 years in Dubai with over 1000 satisfied clients

Wide range of products with over 750 options available

Experienced team of 20+ hair care experts and support from 30+ affiliates

Prime location attracting diverse clientele including Hollywood and Bollywood personalities

Consistent annual net profit of 30%

Fully equipped and furnished clinic with a non-surgical approach to hair care and replacement

Reputable brand in the hair care industry with a commitment to excellence

Generates AED 80,000 in monthly sales and AED 24,000 in monthly profit

AED 100,000 in a yearly rental with 06 cheques

Monthly staff salaries amounting to AED 15,000

Monthly expenses for DEWA and internet amounting to AED 1500

Spacious clinic with a floor area of 15,000 square feet

Bank income statements can be provided to serious buyers only.

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